It is Saturday, it is Mondello.   That is fine so until all remember for the first time in 20 years the race is the other way around the circuit.   Some of our fine members can find it challenging to make it around the correct way without a bit of grass cutting.

It took all three wise men to find our way into the Paddock and there was no guiding star or directions available.

Unload, scrutiny, sign on and qualifying.  Over the PA system quite a few were called to the secretary’s office.   On the naughty step as they only signed the entry form but not the “driver” bit.   It is not as if this was the first entry form you have completed.   Does is take three wise men to fill in one form correctly?

It was very hot and loads of water and advice needed:  how to take the corners the wrong way round and do not go near the rumble strips unless you want to rip the wheels off your car.   Qualifying went ok.   It was good to see Mick Doyle out in his lovely and very fast Lotus.   No-one knows if their times were good even if they raced this way 20 years ago there is a distinct possibly their memories have faded with age.

A good break before the first race and time for chat and tweaking.   One should remember that in that heat when you open the petrol can it can come out like an oil gusher which it did for one driver covering his long suffering helper in petrol.   A quick change into borrowed jeans and no smoking for a while sorted that out.  Cleaning bill to follow by post.

Race 1 went well with a few more spinners than normal and the melting drivers guzzled bottles of water to re-hydrate.   Everyone was saying they were exhausted and could have done with a 12 minute race – maybe it is your combined biblical age that is the problem not just the heat.   One or two drivers risked a curry for lunch maybe not such a good idea in the heat.   Conor Cooke, Eyre Massey and Colin Grant encountered some technical issues and Tommy’s transponder was apparently not sending any signal.   Conor and Tommy got sorted but unfortunately Colin and Eyre had to call it a day.

As we were the last race of the day it appeared to be the perfect time for 40 winks or more like an hour’s sleep.   Quite a few drivers were caught fast asleep in the sun the photographs are in a safe place for future use.   Note to all bring sun cream for the unlikely hot day at Mondello.

Race 2 again went well with times improving but unfortunately Ed Cassidy had an incident just before the race finished and made contact with the barrier at the first corner, which is usually the last, and there was a minor fire.   His lovely red tiger was a bit battered and covered in snow but driver ok.

Our next outing is in Kirkistown and Jackie Cochrane has been entrusted, and possibly threatened if he doesn’t deliver, to ensure that we get a lovely sunny weekend as we remember our friend Garth Maxwell.

We hope to have a good grid for this special event, any problems ask the:

Three Wise Men, although one of them appears to be asleep…….

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