Our Club the HRCA were awarded ‘BEST STAND’ at this years Terenure Show on 7th July 2019.

Being the first time we had our own stand, this Award is a major achievement for our Association. We won in that we had the only ‘all racing’ car theme, Liam had engineered a flowery ‘B’ees and Midgets theme, we had our new Logo T-Shirts and Caps, our ladies Andrea and Wendy managed hundreds of children and some adults into sitting in our cars, our new Marquee with its HRCA branding added to the atmosphere and there was the smell of barbecuing under Chef Liam’s management.¬†Our thanks to the sponsors FBD and Myles O’Reilly who presented us with a very generous cheque!

The weather was very sunny and hot all day, the crowd attending must have been 10,000+

Our team on the day included Brendan, Eamonn, Ken, Noel, Liam, Edwin, Conor, Wolfgang and our two ladies Andrea and Wendy.

See the uTube video here


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