There were 9 Class 4 Historic entries in the total field of approx. 80. The MEC run event was held in extreme heat and ran on schedule and 5 timed runs were available to competitors each day.
HRCA Members included Ed Cassidy (Iona Special), Ken McAvoy (Riley) Mick O’Shea (MGB), Eyre Massey (Pulsar), Liam Ruth (Modsport Midget) and Wolfgang Schnittger (Midget)

Reliability was good except Liam’s Modsport, first time out for some years, decided to break a half shaft on his last Saturday run
Ed just beat Ken in the pre-55’s – a close call all week-end
Wolfgang had a long battle with John Farrell’s Escort, finally holding him off by 0.2 seconds, John having as he said – one of the biggest spins ever, on his last run

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