13 entrants featured in the HRCA races on 30th July for our annual Kirkistown visit. We had very mixed weather, although always warm – a wet qualifying followed by a dry first race, followed as Paraic described it – as a ‘4 season’ second race.

Results on scratch Race 1 were Ray Moore Crossle, Bernard Foley Crossle, and Jackie Cochrane Tiger, Race 2 David Kelly Crossle, Jackie Cochrane and Bernard Foley
Handicap results were Race 1 Lewis Dunlop Elan, Bill Griffin Crossle and Steven Kelly – Mallock(recent new Member), in Race 2 Bill Griffin, Steven Kelly and Paraic McCormack – Escort (also recent new Member)

Trophies were presented by our Chairman Noel Kavanagh – and the winner of the Gareth Maxwell Trophy awarded by the 500 MRCI Club event organisers will be presented at the Historic Festival meeting on 14/15 August.

In Race 1 the first 4 finishers were within one second of each other – it does not get much closer than that!
David Kelly ran away in the second very wet race by 14 seconds, he was over the moon after that! Lewis had a dramatic first lap spin at Colonial 2, whilst trying to keep the inside line on Bill Griffin’s Crossle, the video replay has him using some words not in the Oxford Dictionary.

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