The Championships will be run in accordance with the GCRs of Motorsport Ireland (“MI”), the International Sporting Code of the F.I.A. and these rules, and the Historic Racing Car Association (“HRCA”) Technical Regulations will constitute supplementary regulations.


The HRCA and its sponsors will promote a series of championship and non-championship events in conjunction with MI affiliated clubs over the season incorporating events chosen from the hill climb and racing calendars.


The MI/HRCA championships are open to competitors who are members of the HRCA and have registered for same and whose cars comply with the published HRCA Technical Regulations.

MI Race Committee will publish annually on the MI web site the current Technical Regulations for all approved Championship Classes.


The HRCA may secure sponsors. All competitors must display championship sponsors decals as provided to their car or they may be excluded from the race results. Personal sponsor’s decals may be displayed on cars but must not be larger than the championship sponsor’s decals.


5.1 George Mangan Trophy for Pre-1980 classes. Permitted Classes are A,B,C and D as defined in the HRCA Technical Regulations

5.1.1 All HRCA Members in eligible cars will compete for the George Mangan Trophy which will be based on a combination of races run at accredited circuits and rounds of the MI Hill Climb Championship.

5.1.2 The number of counting rounds is per the HRCA racing calendar with the number of dropped rounds as stated on the program for each year. The racing calendar will be published by MI Bulletin and on the MI website.

5.1.3 All hill climbs will be run on a handicap basis. Handicaps will be allocated by MI Hill Climb Committee.

5.1.4 Points for races counting towards the George Mangan Trophy will be scored depending on the finishing time for each competitor adjusted according to a rolling handicap formula to calculate an adjusted race time which will determine the position in the race.

The basis for calculating the handicap to be applied at each race will be as follows:


  • The handicap is calculated based on the results of the last race in which the competitors was a classified finisher.
    • For the first race of the season the o handicap will be the competitors last handicap from the previous season. New competitors will race with a scratch handicap in their first race.
    • Handicaps are calculated by dividing the fastest driver/car combination’s fastest lap in each race by the specific driver/car combination’s fastest lap and expressing this as a number
    • The driver/car combination’s actual race time will then be multiplied by this number to calculate an adjusted race time
    • In the event that a driver/car combination fails to complete the number of laps of the leading car/driver combination, his total race time will be calculated by adding to his actual finish time a time calculated by multiplying his average lap time in the race by the number of laps uncompleted when compared to the leading car combination


  • Handicaps are applied to total race times


5.2 The Impact Ireland (Metals) Limited Scratch Cup

5.2.1 Cars that are eligible for any of the Irish Historic, U.K. Historic or European Historic Championship may compete in this Championship under their own Technical Regulations subject to the approval of the Class Championship Registrar.

5.2.2 Races will be run on a scratch basis for the Glen of the Downs Trophy.

5.2.3 The number of counting rounds is as per the HRCA racing calendar with two dropped scores. The racing calendar will be published by MI Bulletin and on the MI website.


5..3      The Heritage Plate

5.3.1 Is awarded to the Pre-74 Class winner in selected events. The selected events will be published to all registered competitors in advance of the first championship round


5.4 Pre War and Pre 1955 Challenges for the IVVC Sports Section Cup and the David Dunn Trophy

5.4.1 No driver/car can be awarded both the pre-war and pre-55 challenge awards. If a driver/car has won both then they will be presented with the Sports Section trophy(the pre-eminent Trophy) and will forego receipt of the other award

5.4.2 Handicapping for the internal HRCA Challenges will be managed in the following manner


Handicaps for the first day will be in accordance with the Class 4 Motorsport Ireland handicaps on the day

Handicaps for the second day will be adjusted in accordance with a pre-determined formula and applied by agreement of two class drivers and with reference to the results of the first day and historic records. These will be posted in a prominent place and before the first run on the hill.



Handicaps will be set out following qualifying by agreement of two drivers at the meeting. Handicaps will be set in accordance with a pre-determined formula and applied by agreement of the two selected class drivers and with reference to the results of qualifying times and historic records. The race handicaps will be posted in the paddock at least 30 minutes before the race.


The method of selecting the two drivers and the pre-determined formula will be published to all registered competitors in advance of the first championship round


5.4.3 Points will awarded on a double point’s basis for all races. Handicapping of all cars competing in the George Mangan Trophy or any other Championship event will be in accordance with MI Regulations





6.1 Points scoring will be in accordance with Appendix 15; 6.1.3 of the current Yearbook

6.2 Resolution of ties will be per Appendix 15; 6.10 of the current Year Book

6.3 Class Championship Registrar shall be David Moloney:


Tel 086 8079694

Email  david@adp.ie



All cars must be presented in a condition that will boost the reputation of the HRCA. The Class Scrutineer may ask a competitor to improve the presentation of any car that is not in keeping with the spirit on the HRCA.



8.1 Class Principal:  Noel Kavanagh

8.2 Class Coordinator/ Class Championship Registrar:  Liam Ruth

8.3 Class Scrutineer: to be advised by Motorsport Ireland



Dated: May 2020

Revision: 20.01







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