Following our karting outing there were great resolutions to eat less and get fit.   Along came the red snow alert, a bit like a red flag in racing, and everything stopped.   Days of being stuck indoors, eating and contributing to the €2,000,000 extra spent in Ireland during those few days on wine.  All the good intentions gone.

First race meeting of the season and the creaking HRCA members arrive at Mondello.  Out of practice with unloading, putting up the “still standing” gazebo, scrutiny, sign on and we will not mention the cameras.   Maybe we will:  how do they work, how do you switch it on when you are strapped in car?    Funnily enough no-one’s cameras were checked in scrutiny.

Qualifying over, a select few retired to the café for their usual sausages, curry and chips – at least 2,000 calories and on the Richter scale for cholesterol.   Only elite athletes need that many calories.

We were missing a few drivers and had 10 entries on the grid.    Bernard recovering from a shoulder injury following a Winter Olympic qualifying bid and Clive was missing “at sea”.

It was good to see Jackie and Patricia.  Patricia was limping badly – more aches and pains.   Her new knee still being bedded in.    Titanium no less:   chemical symbol Ti, atomic number 22 and costing $30 a pound, very Formula 1.

Ken had a problem in Race 1 and there were a few other first race niggles and that includes the drivers.

Race 2 had a quick start for all except for Jackie who stalled, but with the reactions of a tiger, hand in air immediately and fair play to Seamus Hobbs who got past at speed on the inside, way to  close to the pit wall for comfort.    Ken had a spin, stalled and on trying to start the Nerus had a small fire – red cars are dangerous.   Rescue vehicle and safety car deployed which bunched all up and Jackie was able to get back in to win the race.   A lot of cleaning and polishing for Ken.

Noel’s car looked brilliant having had a meeting with the Armco last race last season.  Well done to Liam for the rebuild and Mick O’Shea for the donor car.   Liam must have been a wizard with Meccano as a child.

Bernard’s new Impact trophies are very classy and will look good on the mantelpiece if one is lucky enough to win a trophy.

Wolfgang surprised us all by revealing that himself and Wendy got married in March 2017 – a  well kept secret for over a year.   Congratulations to both.

All in all it was a good meeting, dry and chilly but the Aches and Pains of the long sedentary Winter definitely showed their claws.   Get with the fitness programme gentlemen.

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