The HRCA is excited to announce is new Class G for cars up to 1983.

(G) Rear wheel drive standard production saloons, sports, GT cars and historic rally cars manufactured before 31/12/1983 in the spirit of Historic Racing by agreement with the Class Principal and Eligibility Scrutineer, to compete for the Race, Hillclimb  and Glen of the Downs Championships.

To include cars such as those that follow on the list below. All late model MGB and MG Midget’s,  MG Metro, Davrian MK8, TMC Costin,  Rover SD1, BMW 3 Series, Ford escort Mark 2,  Ford Capri 3 ltr, Morgan +8, Porsche 911 Turbo (type 937), 911SC, 924, 928, 944,  , Triumph TR8, Toyota Celica, Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, and others to be agreed with the Class Principal and Eligibility Scrutineer.

No front wheel drive (unless named). No four wheel drive. No turbo charging unless standard in period

See the full Technical Regulations by clicking here.