Our first event is coming up soon, now only nine days away! We’ll be hoping to see you up at Mondello for the weekend of the fourteenth for a fantastic event around the clockwise National Circuit.

Please note that it would be ideal to get your application in today, or else Mondello will apply a charge of 50 Euros on top of any race application. If you need assisstance, or struggle with Mondello’s new online system, you may apply by phone. They’re just as eager to get people racing as we are, and will be more than happy to help.


The HRCA has got its own stand at the Terenure Car Show! We are proud to be able to have pride of place within the well attended event, which might represent a good opportunity to generate interest among people who could join us in racing down the line. We would love it if anyone who could would nominate their car to attend. It will be a great event, and the presence of HRCA cars and members would boost it considerably.


The latest version of the Events Calender is now uploaded! See the top bar to check out which events you can attend, and know what dates to plan around.

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